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The World Long Drive Hall of Fame-WLDHOF recognizes those individuals that represent the best of the

best in the history of professional long driving and/or those who have made a significant and positive impact on the sport

Criteria for induction to the World Long Drive Hall of Fame :


Minimum of 35 years of age.

Minimum of 10 years competing and/or contributing to the sport.

75% minimum of votes cast by WLDHOF voters.

Nominees remain on voting ballot for 5 consecutive years/votes.

Balloting takes place every two years.


A polling of HOF voters revealed that accomplishments on the tee, at the highest level and positive contributions to the sport of long driving are heavily favored in the minds of HOF voters when they consider casting votes.  In addition, the majority of voters stated that they considered Character and Professionalism as significant when casting their vote.  The latter being subjective, leaves the voting process to the vote for the candidate(s) they deem worthy of joining them in recieving the sports highest  honor...induction to the World Long Drive Hall of Fame. 

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