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We understand there are many questions about how Mental Imagery and Sports Hypnotherapy works, so we listed a few common questions and answers below.  

Any other questions, please call or email us?


What is mental coaching?

Everyone wants to master their mind. Winners in all walks of life have explored, tested and mastered the mind-body experience to become top performers. Every sports star has a mind coach, even when they are at the top of their game and don't "need" one. They want to maintain momentum and velocity and reach even more of their potential. Mental game coaching embraces the whole person and helps that person use their mental powers to succeed in bigger ways than they ever dreamed were possible.

How is mental coaching different from other types of coaching?

It's an integrated mind-body approach. It explores parts of you that other coaching styles don't go into. We talk about performance issues and the mental roadblocks that hold you back. It's comprehensive in scope. It's about making your mind work for you so you can be a winner.

How do I know when I am ready for mental coaching?

If you are unsure, we can chat and see what you think you need. I can ask you some questions to help you figure that out.

Is Sport Psychology a quick fix?

Unfortunately, Sport Psychology does not work that way. It’s a process to develop mental skills and it takes time. It doesn’t happen day 1 to day 2.

What happens during a typical coaching session?

We have an engaging conversation about issues that are holding you back and that are important for you to resolve.  The magic is in the dialogue between us. Together, we come up with new ways to look at issues and we discover creative ways to manage them and get you to the next level.

Why is your kind of mental training so effective?

What separates my success in mental coaching is that unlike other mental coaches, my athletic success was directly related to guided imagery and visualization techniques I learned through Hypnotherapy sessions with my Hypnotherapist.  I started as a client and I don't think it works...I know it works. 

I practiced the techniques and strategies I learned throughout my athletic careers with such phenomenal success, that I decided to get certified as a Sports Hypnotherapist.  I absolutely love seeing athletes respond to the trainingtransform their game 

Do you have coaching packages?

That's what most people want and choose.  It's a process that takes repetition and reinforcement.  Some gain traction quicker than others.  It really depends on the level of commitment, consistency and being receptive to the training.  Most people choose an ongoing coaching process in a package.

I'm not sure I want to immediately sign up for long-term coaching. How can I sample what you have to offer?

A phone chat is one way, at no charge, to see how we are together. Beyond that, you could take individual sessions, but real change takes more of a commitment for the strategies to make a significant impact on results.  This is more than a quick fix.  It was life changing for me.

How does the process of coaching work when we can't meet face to face?

Coaching that is accomplished by email, phone, regular mail, audiotape, videotape and other means is termed virtual coaching. This can be very effective, and in some cases, necessary.  Of course, the non-verbal elements are not present over the phone or email, but when I coach and need to view performances along with your feedback, electronic tools help me repeat, slow down and capture them effectively.  I coach some people whom I have never met, and whom I probably never will meet, just because we are separated by thousands of miles of distance. If this is your situation, virtual coaching is perfect.  We can discuss what works best and implement the best fit.  

Do you coach people on a last-minute, emergency basis?

Yes. I often receive phone calls and emails from people with a major presentation or upcoming performance . They either are not ready or want an independent expert opinion, or just a sounding board. These might be ongoing clients of mine, or people to whom I've never spoken. In any case, I will do my very best to help you in your time of need.

Can you tell me more about how confidentiality operates in coaching and how important it is to successful coaching?

Every form of helping other people is centered around trust. That trust is built upon the bedrock of confidentiality. This is true whether the relationship is educational, therapeutic or one in business. When I coach you, we will share material that is private and I respect that privacy. I create a safe place for you to explore your issues and to tell your story so you can go places you have never gone before. That's how you increase self-awareness, and that leads to learning and growth.  So, yes, confidentiality is absolutely the most important aspect to successful coaching.

Do you guarantee your coaching and consulting services?

Each coaching session will include content and success strategies that I personally have found success with at the highest levels in sport as well as my professional training and ongoing research of cutting edge information to help me deliver proven strategies used by elite athletes in all sports. However, I cannot predict, what you will do with the lessons, insights and content presented in these sessions. Therefore, when you use our coaching, materials and products you are not guaranteed to improve learning, performance, income, health, fitness or specific earnings. No one can guarantee such outcomes because your results will depend on variables and factors outside our control including, but not limited to: your motivation, your diligence, dedication, discipline, your capabilities, your creativity, your health and fitness, your compliance with our recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has control over.

At any time during or following a session, if things don't make sense, and if you don't know how to practice and actually use what we discuss what I teach you, it is extremely important that you communicate this with me immediately.  I will spend additional time with you, at no additional charge, at that time, or at a mutually convenient time, to resolve your concerns. If I cannot resolve your concerns at that time, I will refund all your monies paid for that particular coaching session. If this coaching session in question was part of a package, when you receive a refund for that session, we will also refund the rest of your unused coaching package monies. This will be prorated per the package you purchased, not at the full non-package hourly rate. Whenever you make the next coaching package payment that is due or make a pay as you go payment, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do at StrongMindAthlete.


Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.  Call or email me and I will do my best to answer your questions and/or concerns.  We are here to help.

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