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Hall of Fame Members

Pat Dempsey

Following a career in professional baseball, Dempsey made his mark in long drive by winning the 2002 RE/MAX WLDC Senior Division. He enjoyed an amazing run at the 2011 RE/MAX finals, winning the Grand Champions and Super Seniors Divisions and reaching the semifinals in the Senior Division.




  • 2002 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2011 WLDC Grand Champion

  • 2011 WLDC Super Seniors Champion

  • 2011 WLDC Senior Division Semifinalist

  • LDA Tour Winner


Frank Miller

A top-tier competitor for more than two decades, Miller captured the U.S. National Long Drive Championship in 1990. He tacked on the RE/MAX WLDC Senior Division crown in 2007 and added the Super Senior Division title in 2010.




  • 1990 National Champion

  • 2007 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2010 WLDC Super Senior Champion

  • Multiple LDA Tour wins


Brian Pavlet

Pavlet captured the 1993 National Long Drive Championship at the outset of a distinguished career that includes multiple LDA Tour wins, plus a slew of high finishes at the WLDC finals in the open division.




  • 1993 National Champion

  • Multiple LDA Tour wins

  • 8 Top 8 WLDC Open Division finishes


Stacey Shinnick

The only multiple winner of the WLDC Ladies Division, the tall, graceful Californian claimed titles in 2000, 2002 and 2005.




  • 2000 WLDC Ladies Division Champion

  • 2002 WLDC Ladies Division Champion

  • 2005 WLDC Ladies Division Champion 

  • LDA Tour Winner


Fred Hooter

A retired corporate pilot, Hooter claimed his first major, the 1999 WLDC Senior Division, at the tender age of 56. He later added WLDC Super Seniors titles in 2003 and 2004. He was runner-up in the Masters Division (65+) in 2011.




  • 1999 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2003 WLDC Super Senior Division Champion

  • 2004 WLDC Super Senior Division Champion



Evan "Big Cat" Williams

“Big Cat” is credited by many with creating visibility for long drive and putting the sport on the map by virtue of his winning back-to-back U.S. National Long Drive Championship titles in 1976 and 1977.




  • Considered the pioneer of the sport

  • 1976 National Champion

  • 1977 National Champion


Mike Reagan

An executive with RE/MAX International, title sponsors of long drive’s marquee event since 1995, Reagan is the first (and to date only) honorary WLDHOF Hall of Fame member.  Mike's vision and direction helped shape the championship's elite and global status.




Instrumental in the development of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships.



Jason "Golfzilla" Zuback

The Canadian strongman is widely regarded as the best competitor in long drive history.  Zuback owns a record five WLDC Open Division titles, including four straight from 1996-1999.  He added his fifth crown in 2006 when the match-play format was adopted.




  • 1996 World Champion

  • 1997 World Champion

  • 1998 World Champion

  • 1999 World Champion

  • 2000 World Champion- Runner-up

  • 2006 World Champion

  • 10 Top 8 WLDC Open Division finishes



Michael Hooper

“Hoop” stamped himself as the first dominant WLDC Senior Division competitor, capturing three consecutive titles once the division was launched in 1996. He added the Legends Division title in 2011.




  • 1996 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 1997 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 1998 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2011 WLDC Legends Division Champion




Sean "The Beast" Fister President of WLDHOF

“The Beast” captured three world titles, combining the 1995 title with the 2001 and 2005. Fister’s 2001 world title came win a dramatic sixth ball walkoff win. He also set a record by winning the 2005 RE/MAX Open Division at age 43 that still stands.




  • 1995 World Champion

  • 1997 World Champion-Runner-up

  • 2001 World Champion

  • 2005 World Champion

  • 6 Top 8 WLDC Open Division finishes

  • Multiple LDA Tour Wins



Bobby Wilson

After a quarter century of close calls, Wilson captured his first major, the World Senior Division, in 2004. He added the Senior and Super Senior titles on the same night in 2009, a record matched in 2011 by fellow Hall of Famer Pat Dempsey.  




  • 2004 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2009 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2009 WLDC Super Senior Division Champion

  • 2013 WLDC Grand Champion Division Champion

  • 2014 WLDC Grand Champion Division Champion

  • Career leader in LDA Tour titles 



Art Sellinger 

The winner of two National Long Drive titles (1986, 1991), Sellinger transitioned to the business side of long drive, becoming owner and chief executive officer of Long Drivers of America. 




  • 1986 National Champion

  • 1991 National Champion



Scott DeCandia

One of two inductees in the inaugural LDA Hall of Fame class in 1996, DeCandia is perhaps best known for “bookending” the decade of the 1980s, capturing National Long Drive titles in 1980 and 1989.




  • 1980 National Champion

  • 1989 National Champion



Mike Gorton

Gorton, who joined Scott DeCandia in the inaugural LDA Hall of Fame class in 1996, has racked up major titles in three divisions.




  • 1987 National Champion

  • 2000 WLDC Senior Division Champion

  • 2007 WLDC Super Senior Division Champion

  • 2008 WLDC Super Senior Division Champion

  • 2014 WLDC Legends Division Champion



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